Thursday, October 1, 2009

VF Cate Blanchett Retrospective

This woman is an enigmatic shape-shifter. I remember seeing her in I'm Not There as a facet of Bob Dylan's persona and she was so intriguing to watch as a man. Her femininity still undeniable, but totally transformed. And years ago, she played the role of real-life Irish journalist Veronica Guerin and she seemed so realistically old/ mature to me. And yet she's perfectly girlish and soft in Benjamin Button. She has babies, co-artistic directs a theater, and goooooodness, she never stops working. Look at her imdb. Ok, Cate-love-rant over. 

Vanity Fair is the home of editorial fashion meets celebrity. The first two photos are from a 1999 Annie Leibovitz shoot, and the last three are from 10 years plus. Annie again. Cate hasn't aged, but I think Leibovitz is able to capture her increased aura of confidence as a performer. 


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