Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I focused less on figuring out how to get auditions, and I got to know my new city a bit more. And this is why leaving your all-too-cozy apartment in Brooklyn can lead to good things....

First, I stumbled upon Zachary's Smile, 9 Greenwich Ave, where there are some lovely vintage finds. The store has a less overwhelming collection because they've done the weeding out of grandma's throw-aways for  you. Their pieces are for the most part refurbished to great condition and very sleekly styled. I have been on a quest for the perfect distressed brown leather jacket, and Zachary's Smile has some of the sweetest 100% re-used vintage leather jackets I've seen. Go look!

I also visited the LF on Spring St. And I went crazy. Geri, of becauseimaddicted, wrote up a great post about their new look book. I fell hard for their brown leather jacket (pictured above), knee-high stockings, platform heel shoes, sequin jackets...

Lastly, I was walking around Soho when I noticed a pretty platinum blond in a brilliant blue sequin skirt getting photographed and it turned out to be one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling! I seek out her positive and creative outlook on life, such as her Things I Love Thursdays, and she has awesome taste. Yayoi Kusama, yesssss. Sequins, yesssss. Transplanting yourself to NY and loving every second of it, again, yessss. Check this beauty out at her blog iCiNG.

So when I saw her I at first tucked my head and respectfully walked by the way I would any other celebrity I've seen. But then I thought, this woman means so much more to me than any silly celebrity. I tucked my judgy boyfriend around the corner and ran back to awkwardly, but honestly, proclaim my love. Fashion/life bloggers unite! She's so sweet in real life just as she seems on her blog. Such a lucky Tuesday...

Photo: LFstores

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