Monday, October 26, 2009

Graffiti Beauty

My bestie has been talking my ear off for a month about how she needs over-the-knee boots. So this post is for her. Notice how the high-heeled boot does everything to extend the leg, but that effect will be lost if you don't wear a short enough skirt. Going pants-less is everywhere these days. So pair your thigh-highs with tights/leggings/short dresses/long shirts to accentuate your long legs. Or to make them look long. Whichevah!

I love how the color of the background graffiti plays so well off the model's deco outfits. Black lace and graffiti: genius! And I can't help thinking of the old Superman movie when I look at the first look.

And not to go on toooo much...I think of graffiti in a whole new way ever since I watched the PBS documentary, Style Wars. Ah, when bombing used to mean something beautiful...

Photos: aperfectguide

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