Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I'm not quite smart enough to figure out how to post their new video for this song on my blog, but it's out there in the ether. May 19th, Bowery Ballroom, going to figure out how to be there. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my free implants, wha??

Just found out about this brilliant site, where women set up facebook-like profiles to make friends with 'benefactors,' who, end result, buy them new boobs. It's encouraged that you post photos on the site and interact with said 'benefactors' regularly... so in essence, you perform a little for these people. I'm just not sure how even the mutual-exploitation actually is in this. Aren't we tired of all the transformation and performance and body modification being located on the female body? While the not yet exhausted male gaze is once again overly present in the anonymity of online 'shopping'? But on the other hand, if you want free boobs and you're willing, who am I to say anything.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

i love lab

For three days straight,  LAB's holding theatrical readings of as many of Tennessee William's plays as possible at Cherry Lane Theatre.  This morning: Summer and Smoke, Suddenly Last Summer, and a Stelllaaaaa scream off at the Hudson. Weirdest celebrity there yet: that chick from Coyote Ugly. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

amanda austin

These are examples of some of Amanda Austin's editorial work, she does a bunch of stuff for Frankie magazine. I love the last image especially. It captures that peculiar summer morning light that comes on so brightly, promising so much heat behind it, but for the moment it's just a bit cooler.  

source: feaverishphotographyblog

Saturday, March 13, 2010

simple stella

Nothing better than sleek and elegant in the cluttered world of fashion. These women are nothing short of eye-catching. Though I hear that the runway show opened with a dramatized recording of Tiger's phone call to his mistress asking her to remove her name from her answering machine. Why Stella? Hope it's a a friendly woman to woman reminder, don't be that girl. 

source: becauseimaddicted

Perfect Messy Bun

Step 1: Maybe the best part of this whole 'style,' is that it's best if you have dirty hair. Add some sea salt to clean hair, or put dry shampoo in dirty hair to make it less greasy.

Step 2: Next, pull together your hair and hold it straight up.

Step 3: Then twist your hair down to a few inches above the crown.

Step 4: Wrap your hair around itself until it forms a loose bun, right on top of your head.
Step 5: Pin the bun in place with bobby pins. Anywhere from four to eight, depending on how thick your hair is. You want it loose but secure.
Step 6: Finally, pull loose strands of hair from the nape of your neck and around your face to make it look like you’ve worn the bun all day. Voila! The perfect bun!
source: yslparisienne

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I blame Coco

I thought I didn't like this, but I woke up thinking about it.... 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mayer Hawthorne

Um, this Michigan fella missed his era, but I'm in:

Scalloped Silk Shorts

Every once in a while, you see something so unique and priceless you really wish that you could justify spending your dwindlin' funds on. If only my salary as a struggling actress could somehow make these mine.  I've been in love with the idea of bloomer-like shorts since my friend and I went thrifting at The Garment District in Boston and she snagged some adorable black bloomer shorts, which I adoringly coveted. But this, this silk fantasy from Chloé's mainline, which ties with a bow and has one back pocket.... all other bloomies will now pail in comparison. This week anyways. 

source: cherryblossomgirl

Spring Look Numba One

The gorgeous boots make this clean, beauty outfit... the only thing that might warm it up for spring would be some lovely thigh or knee-high stockings in slate gray. 

source: americanapparel, h&m 

Chris Saunders

I like checking out what this SA fashion photog is up to, but I'm not sure how I feel about this shoot in Khayelitsha, the western cape. Shanty towns, poor African children...have these images become so neutralized in our eyes that they make a good backdrop for a model in bland clothing? Not sure. Or is this shoot simply asking the question about what we're more drawn to look at? 

And about last night's oscars... I'm really glad that Hurt Locker overcame Avatar. It's a better film, more unique in every way, well aside from the whole 3-D thing. Because really, we all know that Avatar was a remake of Pocahontas with the brown people turned blue. On the other hand, while I hold nothing against Sandra Bullock and I'm sure her performance was noteworthy, the Blindside is a trite movie that makes white upper middle class movie-goers feel a whole lot better about this country's race problem. True story or not, the movie got made, and was foisted into the public eye. For Blindside to get this nod as opposed to Precious or more straightforwardly, f-in Helen Mirren, it's just weak. Lastly, the fashions were atrocious this year. Everyone looked like they were wearing bad prom dresses or actual fans sewn on to their gowns. Bore. 

source: chrissaunderssa

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tights, nutella, versace

might have to grab this entire look, including the american ap peach leggings.

stylorectic, you rule me. 

be glad this isnt available in the states yet. 

grand finale at versace show.

source: stylorectic, a cup of jo, purplediary

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back on the band wagon...

Here is some current inspiration. It's been a while. I don't know why. Not going to pry too deep on that one.

non plus one final from Tracy ANTONOPOULOS on Vimeo.

Source: knightcat, refinery, lefashion, vine, garance