Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Barn Series Let Down

I want to be this beautiful when I'm her age.

I went to one of the Barn Series productions last night:

THE ATMOSPHERE OF MEMORY - October 23 & 27 - 8 PM
By David Bar Katz
Directed by Peter DuBois

O'Neill was smart enough to wait until his family was dead before writing about them.  The playwright in The Atmosphere of Memory has written about his family, and they're all not only alive, they're coming to the opening!  The Atmosphere of Memory dealswith the price that comes with portraying the past and familialbattles over what is 'True' and 'What Really Happened'.

And even though the reading was graced with such magnificents as Ellen Burstyn and Sam Rockwell, I thought the play was terrible. As though it were still a first draft. But the LAB is an incredible atmosphere to have glimpsed. It's a true interwoven support network. Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Patrick Shanley were there to prove such. Two of my instructors were in the reading itself. The LAB is one of the places where theater is alive and well in NY. This play was just more a work-in-progress than I was expecting.

Spike Lee has directed Katz's writing in the past and his play, Philip Roth in Khartoum, was recently produced by the LAB. So he is established, talented, jazzzy. It's kind of comforting to know that even the greats aren't always great. That would be impossible. 

Photos: imdb

Spanish Moss

The charming Stylish Wanderer pointed me towards Spanish Moss to do some vintage shopping. It's a bit pricier than NastyGal, but their look books are amazingly editorial. Their Fall 2009 shoot makes me want to go on a road trip so I can take in the great American landscape and stay at some of these motels that haven't changed/been cleaned since 1970. Maybe. 

Photos: Spanishmoss

Monday, October 26, 2009

So Fall

I want to go apple-picking and bake apple pies in this weather. The beautiful fall sunlight and crisp air makes me want to trade warm sweaters with best friends. Sweaters, no coats yet, because it's not cold enough for a heavy coat yet. 

Photos: linesandgold

Graffiti Beauty

My bestie has been talking my ear off for a month about how she needs over-the-knee boots. So this post is for her. Notice how the high-heeled boot does everything to extend the leg, but that effect will be lost if you don't wear a short enough skirt. Going pants-less is everywhere these days. So pair your thigh-highs with tights/leggings/short dresses/long shirts to accentuate your long legs. Or to make them look long. Whichevah!

I love how the color of the background graffiti plays so well off the model's deco outfits. Black lace and graffiti: genius! And I can't help thinking of the old Superman movie when I look at the first look.

And not to go on toooo much...I think of graffiti in a whole new way ever since I watched the PBS documentary, Style Wars. Ah, when bombing used to mean something beautiful...

Photos: aperfectguide


While hunting yesterday, I stumbled upon this label, KRMA. They have that perfectly made leather jacket that feels like butter, isn't heavy like some vintage leather coats, acts tough, and is stitched meticulously. Celebrities are excited about Nick Bowes and his line. I am too.

Photos: Krmaclothing

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brooklyn Flea

I saw Martha Stewart and her two french bulldogs at the Brooklyn flea today in DUMBO. The flea, while not as large as I had expected, has some great stalls. Including one where I met a parisian man who flies back and forth from Paris to NY to have some the nicest vintage styles I've ever seen. Especially for men. But I did see a dress in a rich brown and cream colored polk dots, which will always seem like such 40s vintage class to me.

Photo: brooklynheightsblog

To Fur or Not to Fur

I've been seeing fur and leather jackets all over this city. And while the fur aesthetic has never been my thing, when the wind gets going these days I get fur-envy. Those coats look sooo warm and elegant and decadent. Forgive me wee animals. My grandma once gave me a fur-rabbit coat and I tried to hold a seance with it to apologize to all the dead bunnies. I actually had a real pet rabbit at the time and the irony did not escape me. My grandma is bit of a nutter to say the least. 

Anyways, if I get the leather and the furs used, am I being that sinful? I bet you the zealous PETA people won't take exception. Ok, further pondering is due...

Photos: knightcat

Friday, October 23, 2009

I want to see red

In this cold drizzle I've taken to ducking into warm, candlelit, cozy bars and I feel like this fall's color should be red. If October is going to be hot and cold I'm just gonna bring the heat to this month myself. This Elie Saab look is a bit too strong, but I do want a dress as red and sweepingly romantic. And if I can't wear red then red lips it is. 

Photo: nymag

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Costume: DECIDED

I've had a stroke of genius. For Halloween I'm going to be Edie Sedgwick and my boo is going to be the man she inspired or who creepily became obsessed with her, Andy Warhol. No avant-garde film footage will be made, but silly pictures will be posted! I'm so excited to be Edie, I think she shared the same hatred for pants that I have. I run around in my house in stockings already. Now to take the look to the streeeeets. I'm sure New Yorkers will not be phased at all. Halloween 2009  in NY! 

Photos: tfs

Atlas Sound/Broadcast Show

I went to see Atlas Sound and Broadcast last night as a part of the CMJ music tour at the Williamsburg Music Hall. Broadcast had some beautiful and bizarre video screen imagery to go along with their haunting music. I tried to give you an impression of what it's like by including the vid of their more recent work with Focus Group. I just wished they had played some of their more sweet melodies... 

Not being a huge fan of Atlas Sound, I was surprised to leave wanting to hear more of the new album. I take it back, Cox is a genius and he was so endearingly strange as he confessed to the audience that he was totally at a loss what to do with the show after his acoustic guitar's string broke and he started posing for a photo montage of his own creation. His encore, an improvised version of Logos on the electric guitar, was stunning. Sounds silly, but I love it when music takes me away from my day to day worries for a short while.


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photo: brooklynvegan

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gold gold

Chiffon sequined skirt, see by chloé...j'adorrrrre.

Photos: Net-a-porter

La ville sur la fleuve

Some lyrical, grungy, urban images from Viktor Vauthier. Pretty city on a river. 

Photos: viktorvautier.blogspot

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick, quick

This just in: Nasty Gal has so many new amazing items. Ima jump on this...


Today I focused less on figuring out how to get auditions, and I got to know my new city a bit more. And this is why leaving your all-too-cozy apartment in Brooklyn can lead to good things....

First, I stumbled upon Zachary's Smile, 9 Greenwich Ave, where there are some lovely vintage finds. The store has a less overwhelming collection because they've done the weeding out of grandma's throw-aways for  you. Their pieces are for the most part refurbished to great condition and very sleekly styled. I have been on a quest for the perfect distressed brown leather jacket, and Zachary's Smile has some of the sweetest 100% re-used vintage leather jackets I've seen. Go look!

I also visited the LF on Spring St. And I went crazy. Geri, of becauseimaddicted, wrote up a great post about their new look book. I fell hard for their brown leather jacket (pictured above), knee-high stockings, platform heel shoes, sequin jackets...

Lastly, I was walking around Soho when I noticed a pretty platinum blond in a brilliant blue sequin skirt getting photographed and it turned out to be one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling! I seek out her positive and creative outlook on life, such as her Things I Love Thursdays, and she has awesome taste. Yayoi Kusama, yesssss. Sequins, yesssss. Transplanting yourself to NY and loving every second of it, again, yessss. Check this beauty out at her blog iCiNG.

So when I saw her I at first tucked my head and respectfully walked by the way I would any other celebrity I've seen. But then I thought, this woman means so much more to me than any silly celebrity. I tucked my judgy boyfriend around the corner and ran back to awkwardly, but honestly, proclaim my love. Fashion/life bloggers unite! She's so sweet in real life just as she seems on her blog. Such a lucky Tuesday...

Photo: LFstores

Monday, October 19, 2009


This, if it weren't getting so unseasonably could, would be what I wanted my NY street fashion to mimic. Classic, combining prints and fabrics, to look elegant but comfortable... Miranda, you are a maven.

Photos: tfs via le fashion

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To dance, this weekend

To dance, this weekend

As long as you stay in the darks, you can mix and match a bunch of different mediums. Wish I were dancing in these digs. Nathan Jenden Enid silk lamé top, Miss Selfridge black sequin shorts, metal studded open-toe boots or lace-up studded platform boots available at Nordstrom's, Erickson Beamon Blade Runner Swarovski earrings and Chain Bracelet with Woven Leather Detail.

To dance, this weekend by lyle lyle featuring Miss Selfridge

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Young and Hungry!

I forgot to mention that I had lunch with a friend I really hadn't seen since high school, who is a fabulous blogger over at The Young and Hungry. Jena and a few of her friends keep us posted on where to eat, what shows to catch in the city, and art galleries to go get intrigued by. It was so good to see her beautiful face and I have much to learn from this seasoned New Yorker. Who knows, I might offer my restaurant reviewing services one of these days.

Anne Combaz

Behind the scenes beauty shots by Anne Combaz. She has such an eye for these quiet moments models have to themselves amongst the chaos. And instead of being props to a show, they look like real, alive, sensitive women who are aware of the stakes surrounding their show.

Photos: Anne Combaz via Starbucks and Jane Austen