Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Barn Series Let Down

I want to be this beautiful when I'm her age.

I went to one of the Barn Series productions last night:

THE ATMOSPHERE OF MEMORY - October 23 & 27 - 8 PM
By David Bar Katz
Directed by Peter DuBois

O'Neill was smart enough to wait until his family was dead before writing about them.  The playwright in The Atmosphere of Memory has written about his family, and they're all not only alive, they're coming to the opening!  The Atmosphere of Memory dealswith the price that comes with portraying the past and familialbattles over what is 'True' and 'What Really Happened'.

And even though the reading was graced with such magnificents as Ellen Burstyn and Sam Rockwell, I thought the play was terrible. As though it were still a first draft. But the LAB is an incredible atmosphere to have glimpsed. It's a true interwoven support network. Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Patrick Shanley were there to prove such. Two of my instructors were in the reading itself. The LAB is one of the places where theater is alive and well in NY. This play was just more a work-in-progress than I was expecting.

Spike Lee has directed Katz's writing in the past and his play, Philip Roth in Khartoum, was recently produced by the LAB. So he is established, talented, jazzzy. It's kind of comforting to know that even the greats aren't always great. That would be impossible. 

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