Monday, March 8, 2010

Chris Saunders

I like checking out what this SA fashion photog is up to, but I'm not sure how I feel about this shoot in Khayelitsha, the western cape. Shanty towns, poor African children...have these images become so neutralized in our eyes that they make a good backdrop for a model in bland clothing? Not sure. Or is this shoot simply asking the question about what we're more drawn to look at? 

And about last night's oscars... I'm really glad that Hurt Locker overcame Avatar. It's a better film, more unique in every way, well aside from the whole 3-D thing. Because really, we all know that Avatar was a remake of Pocahontas with the brown people turned blue. On the other hand, while I hold nothing against Sandra Bullock and I'm sure her performance was noteworthy, the Blindside is a trite movie that makes white upper middle class movie-goers feel a whole lot better about this country's race problem. True story or not, the movie got made, and was foisted into the public eye. For Blindside to get this nod as opposed to Precious or more straightforwardly, f-in Helen Mirren, it's just weak. Lastly, the fashions were atrocious this year. Everyone looked like they were wearing bad prom dresses or actual fans sewn on to their gowns. Bore. 

source: chrissaunderssa

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