Monday, November 2, 2009

Starting November with a cafe, art & theater...oh my

Nov 10th to 16th, Emma Thompson will be hosting a week-long installation in Washington Square Park. The installation is set-up chronologically to tell the story of Elena. A girl from Moldova who was forced into the sex trade when she travelled to London. It promises to be emphatically moving for men and women alike. I'm making it a necessary stop for me this month. Check out Emma Thompson describing the exhibition:

Anyways, on a more uplifting note: I recently stumbled upon this darling cafe/bar on a Thursday night when jazz singer Grace Garland was crooning and it was magical. The soft lighting, ceiling covered with palm leaves, and dry-wood butcher block tabling, rendered this place homey, far-away-french, and romantic all in one take. I highly recommend their martinis since they make their own wide selection of infused vodkas.

And although "After Miss Julie," has not received a stellar review from the New Yorker. I can't help but be curious about Sienna Miller's performance as the near-breaking neurotic socialite. I'll admit it freely and openly, I think she gets a bad rap and that in all actuality, she's a brilliant, bold actress. The theater world is so hard on pretty girls so people forget that Sienna's mother ran the Lee Strasberg School in London. Sienna has the chops and the poor review points more to the shit adaptation than to any shortcoming she may have. Anyways, I'll let you know if I get to go!

Photos: mediamix & thenewyorker

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