Sunday, November 22, 2009

Glorious Gloria

So this week I helped my employer host a fundraiser for Ms. Foundation and celebrate Gloria Steinem's 75th birthday at the same time! The woman is still fierce as ever and makes feminism oh so pretty. What's so drawing about her, though, is that she relates to the personal struggles of every person. She mentioned her own childhood in Toledo where she thought show business would be her ticket out of a small town. She likened her learning to tap dance as young boys in low-income, black families pursuing sports as their means of breaking out of poverty. When it's the only public arena you see people who look like you being successful and different, it's what you go after as well. She even showed us her tap dance...

Steinem also admitted that she's been having little thoughts about death lately. Standing at her sink, aligning the duties of the day in her head, she suddenly stopped and thought that Death, big D, would interrupt all the list-making. Big and small tasks. And she laughed. So here's to Gloria and to hopefully living a life as full of adventure and change as hers! 

Photo: womenmanagement.blogspot

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