Sunday, November 22, 2009

Current List of Loves

  • Fur caplets
  • Tim Monich: the elite dialect coach to the stars of stage and screen; he goes around taping people's voices from different regions, classes, cultures, ages to give actors one of the best tools to becoming their character...fantastic!
  • Deco footwear
  • Gold eye-liner
  • Long phone calls to loved ones
  • Gold jewelry
  • Hanes V-Neck Tees: Low budge...these are a forever love.
  • Cornbread Stuffing: I've been wondering about how to get cornbread into Thanksgiving stuffing for a while now. Thank you, Epicurious. This recipe is even vegetarian...
  • The Painted Pot: paint pre-made stuff or throw your own! Yay, Brooklyn.
  • Pretty variations of Christmas lights
  • Studded Epaulets
  • Knitting iPod covers

Photos: tfs, polyvore, etsy, garancedore

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