Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ride around shining

This makes me so happy. It seems so frivolous and daring to bike around in a kimono and heels. I don't know if I would if I could...I'm not always so graceful. I'd love to prendre un café avec cette femme. Bet you she's a bit craazy. 

Photos: jak&jil


  1. i shit you not when i was in Paris last week of Paris Fashion Week madness we took those velib bikes that you pay for at stations to get to the bistro and i was wearing a fur coat and heels and laughing sooo hard because right after my friend tried to convince me that Parisian women do it all the time, there was a gang of boys on a corner that asked me where the hell i thought i was going. Quite frankly it was one of the funniest moments in my life! Tks for letting me re-live it!

  2. hahaha! that's ridiculous! im jealous you were both at fashion week and velib-ing it in a fabu outfit!