Monday, December 14, 2009

Jeeyun Ha

I went to the 3rd Ward Holiday Craft Fair on Sat and while there were some things that I was like...I could do that if I had the time! or pretty wool! or a kiln!  I know, I'm being delusional. But the best stand, by far, was Jeeyun Ha's. Woman went to Parsons, lived in Brazil... jewelry, headwear, feathering... 

Unfortunately, her website doesn't picture this sweet peach-rosette forehead band with dangling pearls and peach and jade feathering....yeah. Poorly explained, but still, you know it's fantastic. I made myself walk away. 

Side note: I'm watching a blind date in a coffee shop in East Vill at the moment. And this dude in a suit, who looks about 12 mostly because of the suit, is with this poetic, vintage-wearing indy girl. Future reference, young dude, wear a cardigan to all upcoming blind dates. 

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