Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outfit for In Vino

in vino

Musing on a possible outfit for a date night at a bustling wine bar tucked into the LES... what would it be like to be a fashionable Roman woman off to meet one of her friends at a neighborhood hot spot where you know your local chef will deliver on Italian fare?

In Vino, with its arched ceiling that looks like the underbelly of a wine cellar, is just the place for this kind of fantasy to play out and it's so reasonably priced, too. The crowd and the owners are young and attractive. The plentiful appetizers are not to be missed, especially the fried artichoke. 

To match the honey glow of the lighting, wear your gold trinkets and a camel blazer. Don a touch of bright color, a salute to Italian flare of your own, but stay comfortable, it's feast before fashion here. 

215 E. 4th St
(Between A & B)

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