Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LAB Class Puts on a Show!

Our class has been put to the challenge to, in one week, put up a show of at least 15 minutes in front of 25+ people. Since I haven't moved into my Brooklyn apartment yet, I'm the producer. Miss Produsssah...

Anyways, I got a bit creative and made these bit press releases for our show. Renting a black box is surprisingly easy, among the 16 of us in the class it will only cost us $3 each for 2 hours. It's just keeping down set, costume, rehearsal space, marketing, and all the other managerial costs that'll get you. This all being said, your actors, writers, director and stage manager have to be volunteering. Welcome to the life of a starving actress (now producer!)

Photos: found over at LeLove

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